Milestone Complete: First Book Published!

I have always wanted to publish a book, but never really envisioned it happening.

My Most Productive Project Stack

I have started literally hundreds of side projects and never finished any that had any sort of substance.

My Notes from Software Engineering at Google: Lessons Learned from Programming Over Time

I recently read through Software Engineering At Google:Lessons Learnt over Time.

Everything I Know About Event Driven Architecture

Preface Whenever I am learning more about topics, I like to read books, blog pots & watch videos whilst taking notes.

Featured on Go Dot Dev

Screenshot of the site as of 24/04/2020 below.

Get Started With Wasm with go 1.14.2 in 2020

Apologies for the very wordy title, but when I decided I wanted to play around with web assembly last week I found that all of the articles I came across were out of date, so thought it best to be explicit.